About the Group


Mutual Alliance Group comprises of five (5) distinct companies involved in different aspects of the business. The group has a combined capitalization of N500 million with an annual profit of N100 million as of December 31, 2005. 

The group is made up of the following distinct Companies:

  • Mutual Alliance Savings & Loans Ltd: The Company is a mortgage bank involved in the mortgage, retail and investment banking with over 10 branches spread all over Nigeria. Mutual Alliance Savings & Loans is the flagship of the group.
  • Mutual Alliance Property Development Ltd: This Company is involved in real estate development. Presently the company is involved in the development of 400 units of 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom detached Bungalow valued at N700 million for the Akwa Ibom State government at Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.
  • Mutual Alliance Asset Management Ltd: This Company is involved in consumer leasing/hire-purchase and Payroll Lending. The company presently has the franchise for Motorcycles in Nigeria. The company has a monthly turnover in excess of N100 million.
  • Mutual Alliance Trading co. Ltd.: This Company is involved in commodity trading of items such as Rice, Sugar, Cement, Salt etc. The company is also involved in the importation of Building materials.
  • Mutual Telecommunications Ltd: This company is in partnership with a South African company (i.e. Skywards Development limited, SA) for the provision of V-Sat, internet services and international call card business in Nigeria.